Viano Clever Off 1 l

Viano Clever Off 1 l

Door een regelmatige toepassing kroont u het gras tot koning van uw gazon.

  • Indirecte werking tegen onkruid door dicht gazon
  • Indirecte werking tegen mos
  • Stikstof en kaliumoxide van natuurlijke oorsprong
Ean code: 5410750009522

€ 16,75
Prijs per eenheid: € 11,17 / l


Meng de 1 l Kaliumoxide met 9 l water en voeg de oplosmeststof toe. Deze 10 l spuitvloeistof is geschikt voor ongeveer 100 m².

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Geplaatst Op 11/08/2020 20:25
Very poor service from this company. I bought this product with the recommendation from one of the sales assistant who said this would kill the Clover and not damage the grass. It killed the Clover and the grass and after 10 days the Clover came back. When i went to the store they tried to put all the blame on me but the simple fact that the Clover came back after 10 days proves my point. It does not do the job as it was sold to me. Very unhelpful and their only solution they could come up with was to give me a bond for 10 euro against my next purchase which I refused. This company does not back up its products and when there is a complaint they are completely incapable of solving a problem for their customer . Needless to say this was not the service from a company I expected although I have been a client from them for about 10 years. A unsatisfied customer, Steve Hamilton 0496607272

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